I just wanted to take a moment to clarify what my audition is for on Monday…a lot of people are asking me because I am already in the Navy.   I am actually auditioning for a separate, premiere ensemble that is based out of Washington, DC.  Here is the difference: The program I auditioned and got accepted […]

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Audition season!

Its that time of year again.  In the academic music world, early spring means one thing…school auditions!  Seniors (both in college and high school) are playing auditions that will let them know how they will be spending the next few years of their life, whether its in an undergraduate or graduate program, or something else.  […]

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slow, slow, and more slow

The last couple weeks I’ve been really getting focused on this Navy Band audition.  I’m the type of person that believes that everything happens for a reason – I try to find the positive result of every negative situation.  I think that there is a reason that I’m having to wait until May to join […]

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My directorial debut????

First off, Happy Thanks giving!  Ben and I were lucky enough to spend time with our friend Andy and his family for the holiday in Syracuse.  It was really great!  And I had my first garbage plate ever on Wednesday night.  I guess I couldn’t leave Rochester without having one!  Anyway…. For the past week […]

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I have decided to post my arrangement of Debussy’s Syrinx that I performed at my recital last month.  And don’t worry, the original composition is in the public domain!  (I checked)  People seemed to love it, and a couple people told me that they would be interested in playing it themselves!  So here you go: […]

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starting fresh

If I can after a big event, usually I like to take some time completely away from my clarinet.  Although I love playing (and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to not pick up my instrument!), time away from the instrument allows me to de-stress and recover faster and better.  Usually I will take […]

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So instead of practicing this week, I have filled my evenings with updating my blog site!  I have gotten my own domain, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now.  So now my blog is at!  Woo so exciting!  I have also posted my resume, and I figured out how to […]

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Trip to Colorado and recital

Wow!  The last week has gone by in a flash!  I had such a great time in Colorado, I really didn’t want to come back!  Actually, if my husband wasn’t still in NY I probably would have stayed!   I arrived in Denver after a very smooth trip; the only delay was in Rochester because […]

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Updated site

Just a quick update…this weekend I was able to completely update my blog site.  Now you have access to my bio and other information, and I hope to have my resume and other features up very soon.  Yay!  Closer and closer to a real website.  I’m hoping to reformat it to the logo my dear […]

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I got a job!!

I did it! I finally have a clarinet job! Its not what I had planned or had anticipated. I had always envisioned myself playing in an orchestra or a D.C. band (or the Coast Guard band!!). But over the course of the last year, I have discovered that it doesn’t matter who I’m playing for […]