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Youngstown symphony

Last night I auditioned for the Youngstown Symphony in Ohio. It was an interesting experience, mostly because I found out what happens when an orchestra does not plan its audition days very well. Yesterday they not only auditioned for 2nd clarinet, but they auditioned for violin, viola, bassoon and oboe/english horn. I’m sorry, but if […]

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Erie Phil Audition

Finally! Success!! Well sort of, I got runner up at the Erie Phil audition on Thursday. It was awesome, I don’t think I’ve EVER played so well at an audition before!! And it was the first orchestral audition that I’ve made it past the prelims. It was exactly what I needed, especially after the disappointments […]

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Epic fail

So my recording session on Wednesday was really tragic. I COULD NOT play the last page of the Weber cleanly to save my life. Granted, when I went back to listen it wasn’t all that bad, but still not very usable. Not something I want to send to the Army. So I was going to […]

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First one!

So this is going to be my blog about my struggles, successes, and failures about trying to make it as a classical clarinetist, as a post graduate. I find that I have a lot to talk about, but nobody to really talk about it to (well except my husband, but he’s a tuba player so […]