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2019 year in review, decade in review, and what’s coming in 2020

So here we are again at the end of one year and the start of another.  I can’t help looking back at 2019 and reflecting on what I accomplished this year. 2019 was a year of transition for me and my family and trying to adjust to a new home thousands of miles away from […]

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Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm!!

This is a little bit of a rant, so brace yourself. Why is it that the world seems to have terrible rhythm?  Or at least it seems to lately.  I have been noticing as of late how many of my students and people that I play with have issues with rhythm/tempo.  As a product of […]

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Good things coming?

Lately I’ve been struggling to be motivated to practice something that’s not ensemble music.  Because, let’s be honest, that stuff doesn’t always make you better (unless its Grainger’s Molly on the Shore!  Haha…I played the solo part a few weeks ago at a wind ensemble concert – talk about sweating bullets!).  But finally some great […]