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Good things coming?

Lately I’ve been struggling to be motivated to practice something that’s not ensemble music.  Because, let’s be honest, that stuff doesn’t always make you better (unless its Grainger’s Molly on the Shore!  Haha…I played the solo part a few weeks ago at a wind ensemble concert – talk about sweating bullets!).  But finally some great news came my way a couple of weeks ago…the President’s Own Marine Band posted a clarinet audition for December.  And since the marine corps is under the umbrella of the department of the Navy, I am eligible (I think).  I am so ready.  I’ve got just a little over 10 weeks to prepare for it, which is a perfect amount of time.  There is also nothing too crazy for me in the excerpt list.  A “crazy” excerpt for me is something that is incredibly technical and fast…Dvorak Carneval Overture, William Tell Overture, Russlan and Ludmilla, etc.  You get the idea.  There is nothing like that!  Makes me happy.  I’m gonna rock it!

So I’ve been trying to get my mini-disc working because I want to do some recording.  I haven’t really used it in awhile…aaaaaand the battery is totally done.  Its kinda old, I got the thing in 2005-ish.  Anyway, my husband has one too, but much newer, so I dug it out.  Yay, it works!  Oh but the stupid software that I need to use to get the recordings off the mini-disc is not compatible with Windows 7.  So I can listen to it straight off the player, but that’s all.  So OK, maybe its time for an upgrade then.  I did some research, and I found a great blog that lists the Top 5 recording devices for musicians.  I liked the iPhone option (and it seemed the cheapest), so I decided to get the Tascam IM2 microphone.  I got it super cheap off Amazon, so that was a bonus!  Unfortunately, the app that they say goes with the mic completely crashed my phone!  So I deleted it and I’m just using the voice recorder that comes with the phone software.  It works really nicely!  I was generally impressed with the recording of the iPhone by itself before, so with the condenser mic it makes the quality even better.  Its a great option for iPhone users who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a good quality recorder.

I’ve also decided to start keeping a reed log.  We’ll see how long that lasts!   HA.

Teaching at the high school has been going great.  The students had their first competition last week, and they did great!  First place all around, and second highest score of the night.  I’m so proud!  This marching band competition stuff is all new territory for me, I only did marching band seriously in college, and we don’t compete in college marching bands.  At their competition yesterday (which I couldn’t be at because of Navy stuff) they placed second all around…and that’s after they marched in a parade (which I marched in with the Navy also)!  I can’t believe the season will be over in a little over a month!  Its gone by so quick.  I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

With teaching at the high school, Navy stuff, and private lessons, my schedule is overflowing.  Here’s what my sched looked like this past week:


Considering practicing and working out is not included in this, I have NO time for anything else!  I didn’t even get to practice or work out on Wednesday and Thursday!  No time.  Oyyy…and my schedule is very similar in the coming weeks.  Once the HS marching band season is over and Navy Ball season is over, things should clear up a bit.  That’s the hope, anyway.


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Just saw your blog. Really cool that you were mentioning us. I’m so glad you were able to work with us here. We miss you already.

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