auditions clarinet music recording

Epic fail

So my recording session on Wednesday was really tragic. I COULD NOT play the last page of the Weber cleanly to save my life. Granted, when I went back to listen it wasn’t all that bad, but still not very usable. Not something I want to send to the Army.

So I was going to go back tonight (Friday) to record some more….little did I know that the East End Festival was happening tonight, so I would have to pay to park in the garage by the school. Luckily I heard it on the radio and I didn’t actually get all the way downtown before learning about this. Long story short, I did not get in my recording session. Which means I am going to have to go sometime next week which I did NOT want to do. And that means I’ll probably have to put in a practice session sometime this weekend, impending on my precious married girl time. ARGH.

I did experiment a bit with artificial reverb on my computer….and I decided that it is not really worth risking sending a doctored recording. Plus it totally sounds fake because my software is free. *Sigh*

Why, even when I try not to, do I end up doing everything at the last minute?


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