So close.


This is the reality of being a junior enlisted member of the Navy.  Your entire career boils down to a single number twice a year, and then the highest ones get promoted to the next pay grade.  The above was my reality this morning…I think its pretty self explanatory what it means.  I was .27 point away from getting promoted.  And all my points were there.  What. A. Letdown.

For those who don’t know how the process goes, we get the chance to promote twice a year.  The number illustrated above is a aggregate of many factors: the written exam, annual evaluation, awards, education, and flag letters of commendation.  The written exam counts for a majority of the number.  So, if I had answered one, maybe two more questions correctly I probably would have gotten promoted this time.  That’s the worst.

So its time to buck up and study really hard for the next test in March, I don’t think I can handle being this close again.  Time to get it done!!!


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