Colorado trip

I’m back from my trip to Colorado last week.  It was great!  I brought my clarinet, but I ended up not playing at all.  Its ok though!  It really isn’t a priority for me right now.  I’m going to get plenty of playing in the next four years! (or 20!)

It felt really good to be home, especially right before a such a life change!  It kind of helped me to clear my head a little bit.  Thin air and good mexican food will do that 😉  Some highlights of the week:

Fun 50’s themed party that my sister took me to on Sunday night.  She found this really cute dress for me to wear, since I didn’t bring anything! 

Eating at 2 of 3 of the Man vs. Food places.  Cherry Cricket – best burger I’ve probably ever had (I had cream cheese and jalapenos on mine – Ben had bacon, peanut butter, and smoked cheddar).  Jack n’ Grill – super delicious!  Green chile was soooooooo good.  But I opted out of the 7 pound breakfast burrito that was on the show, haha.

We also made our way to the Stranahan’s Colorado Whisky distillery.  Ben’s become somewhat of a whiskey snob, and he really loves their whisky!  The tour was very cool, and we got to sample some whisky of course!

Also, the moment I have been dreading for months…I cut my hair for the Navy.  I totally cried, I definitely was not ready to part with something so vital to my identity.  Here’s a pic with my hairdresser, Bekkie, my hair, and we’re looking sad (because I was!):

Unfortunately, my hair isn’t quite short enough, so I’m probably going to have to have it chopped again.  But I think this was enough on my poor soul for now. 

On Saturday my mom, Ben, and I ran a 5k.  My friend’s mom, Jean, also joined in, but she walked the race.  My sister made some great t-shirts for us, they were pink with a stencil on the back with my face in a navy hat and the words, “Sailor Sandy Support” (of course mine said only “Sailor Sandy).  It was super fun, and I got a great time, 27:17.  My mom also got a great time, getting in under 30 minutes.  The thin air got to me a little at the end though, was feeling like death for the last half mile or so!  But I made it.  I think I want to come back next May and do the Colorado half marathon next year…or marathon….maybe.  We’ll see what the next year brings!

After the race, it was party time at my parent’s house!  It was a great opportunity to see everyone, and had some great fun too.  I was sad I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to, but we only had so much time.

Overall, the trip was exactly what I needed.  Now to get focused, take care of business for the next two weeks and then I’m off!  I’m nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time.  But the closer it gets, the more focused and excited I become.  The first 8 weeks are going to be the toughest, but after that I get to play my clarinet for a living, and be paid for it!

…12 days!

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