4 weeks left :-)

Soooo…less than four weeks until I leave for the Navy!  I really cannot believe it is almost here already.  When I first found out when my ship date was, I was so depressed, because the month of May felt like an eternity away.  But I had a feeling that it would go by fairly fast, and boy it did! 

Anyway, since the Ad Hoc concert a couple weeks ago, I have barely touched my instrument. I’ve kind of lost all motivation when it comes to playing…mostly because I have nothing coming up to practice for.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, it helps me to have something coming up to get me in the practice room.  Right now I feel like anything I do now is kind of pointless, just because I’m going to have a 8 week hiatus from practicing regularly.  I think I’ll be able to play in boot camp a little bit – there is a special “performing” division and they play for the graduation ceremony and also for community events.  But I’ve also been told that there is no such thing, so I’m not really sure what to expect.  It will sure suck a lot to go 8-9 weeks without playing clarinet. 

Despite this, I’m going to try to practice 3 times a week until I leave, at least.  Just cuz I like playing, and I might not be able to play for awhile!  I’m going to CO next week, and I do plan on bringing my instrument, as futile as it may seem.  Haha.  We will see if I actually play!  Maybe I’ll just bring my Bb…

I do have a couple non musical goals for the next four weeks though…well ok, maybe just one.  And its pretty dumb, actually.  I want to beat Final Fantasy 13!  The Easter bunny brought me a shiny new pink PS3 controller, so I was motivated to start playing again.  I tried to start it again last night after a 7 month hiatus…and if you know how RPGs are, you probably know that is very difficult.  I had no clue what I was doing.  So I started over, even though I was almost 60 hours into my last game.  And I really don’t want to start over again, so I HAVE to finish this time.  Even if it means I spend every waking minute playing for the next four weeks.  That is OK!

Wow…26 days!

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