waiver waiting

Still waiting to hear about my waiver…bleh this is horrible!  I feel like I’m in purgatory or something.  Hopefully it will be approved soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting motivated again to practice.  I really would like to do a recital before I leave, in Colorado and in Rochester if possible.  The logistics are quite daunting…2 recitals in 2 different states – that means that I will have to get 2 different pianists…and if I do a couple wind duos I’ll have to find separate players for that!  It might be a good challenge though, I’ve never organized anything like this before.  For the potential recital, I’m working on Muczinski Time Pieces (its a lot harder than I remember!) and Finzi Five Bagatelles at the moment.  I’m also trying to look for a good Eb piece to play, either with piano or unaccompanied — if anyone has any suggestions, shoot them my way!  I’ve also got one of the Beethoven Duos for clarinet and bassoon on my stand…I would love to play it if I can find a good bassoonist to play with (two, if I decide to do both Rochester and Colorado)  Also want to do the Poulenc duo.  Got some clarinetists in mind for that one in both states!  But we’ll see how everything comes together.

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