something that made me smile.

Yesterday, I taught a lesson to this really cute little 10 year old girl. She is very enthusiastic about playing clarinet, but often gets distracted because she is enthusiastic about everything! So most of the time I spend trying to get her re-focused on clarinet. But overall she is a good student. We usually play duets the last 10 minutes or so of the lesson, and she has taken a liking to one particular duet, which she insists on playing every week. That is fine with me, I’m not one to tell what she does or doesn’t like to play. But this week, she decided that she wanted to make new dynamic markings on this particular duet. I said, sure! So I let her go to town, and she got so creative. She even created specific dynamic markings for each part. It was just so refreshing to see her get her creative juices flowing and really think about the music, not just the notes that are on the page. And she was having so much fun doing it! It was really great. I mean I already had a great day with a lesson with Mr. Grant, and coffee with a friend, but that was just icing on the cake. This is why I like to teach, for moments like that!!

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