need to write more often…

So I haven’t been very good about writing in this blog…I meant to write almost every day but obviously that hasn’t really happened. I’ve just been so busy lately….I am now full time at my job, so that means I’m at work from 8-4:30 every day, and I’m taking a tax prep course twice a week, plus teaching 2 students a week, plus playing in the music educators band. I haven’t even had any time to go swim! Luckily things are starting to slow down, I don’t have music educators band anymore until January, and soon the tax prep class will be over so I’ll have my Monday and Thursday nights back.

So I’ve been extremely confused lately about auditions and stuff. There are just too many in the coming months. It took me forever to just buckle down and decide to do the Pershing’s own audition. Too bad I made the decision 3 weeks past the application deadline!!! Oops. And in the same day I discovered that, I also discovered that I may not be eligible for the President’s own Marine band. Some small mistakes that I have made in the past possibly may disqualify me for the security clearance required to work at the white house. Two hits in one day, which made me think, ok now what am I going to do about auditions? So about a week and a half ago I made the decision to take the West Virginia symphony audition on November 13th. So that gave me about 3 weeks to prepare this audition!! The repertoire isn’t too bad, the only hairy excerpt is Daphnis. The 13th actually lands on a Friday (friday the 13th!!!), and I’m only taking that day off of work, so I’ve decided to drive down to West Virginia (its about 8 hours) right after I get off of work on Thursday. It might suck a lot, I will not get to my destination until after midnight. But I don’t have to check in for my audition until 11:30, so I can sleep in a bit. I checked plane tickets…there really isn’t anything that is under $400, which is slightly rediculous because of how close Charleston, WV is…whatever.

I think I’m excited about this audition. I haven’t really had time to think about it, because I’m mostly like, holy crap I have to get Daphnis ready in 2 weeks!!, but this would be a great job to get. They pay for travel up to 1000 miles round trip!! I live 480 miles away from Charleston, so it would be perfect. So I hope I can do well.

This week I’ve gotta focus and really put clarinet first before anything else, which has been hard to do lately. I’ve just got to remind myself that all this hard work will pay off someday! At least working my 9-5 job really makes me motivated to practice and get a real job!

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