On to the next…

So I submitted my Army Band tape…and guess what? After all that stress about getting it recorded, it was rejected. Tres lame. Ben called me at work on Friday which is when we got the letter in the mail. I felt really shitty for the rest of the afternoon, oh well. But I had to get over it because I was going into Eastman that afternoon after work to have a lesson with Mr. Grant. I was really nervous about going in to play for him, I was worried that I would totally suck, since the last time I’ve played for people hasn’t turned out so good. (flashback – Glens Falls audition!)

Well good news! I guess I played really well because Mr. Grant thought it was the best I’d ever sounded! I was a little nervous going in, but once I got into it I was fine. It was exactly the confidence booster I needed, especially after getting the letter from the army the same afternoon. I felt like finally I was doing something right! Thank god. Now hopefully I can keep it up until Thursday, I’m auditioning for the Erie philharmonic. Luckily I won’t psych myself out like the last couple times I’ve had auditions. Stay calm Sandy, that’s all. I think this week I’m going to practice my excerpts after getting on the elliptical (which we are still trying to sell, ha!) so I can get my heart pumping so simulate myself being a ball of nerves which I probably will be. I didn’t used to be so bad, but I think now I feel I have more pressure because I’m done with school.

I hope that I get some sort of reward soon, I’ve been working my ass off for how many years? I think I’m ready for some non-failure please, thanks.

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