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Jeanjean “Vade-Mecum” du Clarinettiste

After completing the Baermann Bootcamp, I found myself still motivated to keep working on fundamentals, but I was very “scaled out”. I was recently re-introduced to the Jeanjean Vade-Mecum during the Virtual Clarinet Warmups, and decided it would be a good option for another challenge. Vade-Mecum (noun): a handbook or guide that is kept constantly […]

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Baermann Bootcamp…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

I did it! I completed all 31 days of the Baermann Bootcamp! I’ll be honest, it turned out to be a long, and at times, annoying challenge, but in general I’m happy I did it and proud of the accomplishment. So here’s some background on why I decided to subject myself to this torture…by mid-April, […]

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#100daypractice challenge, day…whatever

I think today is day 48, actually.  And I didn’t practice today because I was scheduled to get a filling at dental, and I didn’t want to try to play after having local anesthetic.  So I’m not doing so great at this challenge, but… …its official, I’m taking the D.C. audition in November (uh, next […]

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I have no talent.

Seriously. I don’t. This has been a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot the past few months. In the Navy, I have worked with all levels of musicians, from people barely able to play their instruments (thank goodness not at the band right now!) to people who have advanced degrees from major music […]

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Government shutdown and humidity

As of my last post, my schedule was pretty ridiculous…I was not looking forward to being so busy.  Well, since my last post, our awesome congress decided to let the government shut down.  Luckily, we are still being paid, but there’s no money for gas for our vehicles to get to gigs!  So we are […]

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My Daily Routine, Part Three: Articulation

And continuing on to the third part of my warm-up routine!  Articulation is an important fundamental every clarinetist needs to become proficient at.  For this part of my routine, I actually do a couple different things.  I usually switch it up when I get bored with doing one or the other. For the first routine, […]