#100daypracticechallenge day 24

Today is Sunday.  Under normal circumstances, I don’t like to practice at home or on the weekends. Weekends are supposed to be time off from work, and practicing clarinet is part of my “work”.  Well, today I did practice.  At home.  On a weekend.  My goal is 6 days a week, at least during these 100 days.  On my day off, I’ll do some mental practice, score study or listen to recordings.  Normally, I find that 4 days a week is the perfect routine for me.  Enough to keep things consistent, while allowing time to do other stuff, because surprisingly, my life doesn’t always revolve around the clarinet!  But, unfortunately, it’s usually not perfect for whatever audition or concert I am preparing for.  I need to devote a little more time for things like premiere band auditions.  So six days a week it is.  Unfortunately, counting today, I only got five days this past week. Ok fine, not perfect, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

To get myself back into shape, I’ve been playing a lot of Rose etudes (of the 32 variety). So that’s what I decided to record today.  Nothing like a little Rose 32, #1!



Pay no mind to the movie playing in the background…my husband was not home so I was practicing in the living room while my son was watching TV. He even came up to me during recording and tugged on my arm wanting something haha…

I’ve also been spending the last couple of weeks getting back into playing my personal horns, rather than just my Navy issued one. I haven’t played them regularly for at least a year or two, and they do play very different, especially my A. The reason is mostly because I don’t have a good A clarinet that I can use at the band here like I did in Hawaii. So in order to match for the DC audition, personal horns it is! It’s super fun trying to remember the tendencies of each. NOT.  I recorded this video on my Bb, with my Richard Hawkins R mouthpiece.

I’ve been doing mostly the slow Rose etudes to work on endurance. I’m just super happy that I was able to get through the whole thing without my embouchure completely dying. Gotta work on that intonation though!! Yikes.

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