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Week 10 Video, and Week 9 assignment

Oops I’m a day late!  But I did record my video yesterday, but I didn’t have time until now to write a post about it.  Honestly, I’ve had one of the worst weeks of practicing in awhile.  Not sure what it was, probably a combination of lack of time and focus. I’ve just felt super distracted and unorganized this week!

Anyway, to recap, this week I organized the excerpts into three groups based on practice priority.  And then the assignment was to select three excerpts from group 1, and two from group 2 (5 excerpts total).  Here is what I chose for this week:

  • Dahl Sinfonietta
  • Holst Hammersmith (1st excerpt)
  • Borodin Polovetsian Dances
  • Williams/Lavender Midway March
  • Beethoven Symphony no. 8

And here’s the video!

I haven’t had a chance to watch this video yet, but there’s one thing that I noticed especially this week.  My biggest problem is getting started.  For some reason, I tend to just start playing without having my focus 100% on what I’m about to do.  My mind is in a thousand places when I start, so then I make mistakes.  You can see it in my video this week especially.  So that’s going to be a theme in my practicing next week, for sure.

This is why this challenge is so good for me.  It brings to the surface many general issues that I have glossed over time and time again!  I’ve also tried to mimic a real audition situation each time.  I usually record my video at the end of my work day, and I basically just select a reed and then press record (I usually practice in the mornings).

Now to next week’s assignment.  Its pretty similar to last week.  In addition to the video, I want you to think about a general thing to work on this week in all your practicing.  For me, as I mentioned above, I’m going to work on only starting when I’m 100% focused on the passage I’m about to play.  But it can be anything that you feel needs improving.

Assignment for your video:

  • Mozart Concerto, entire exposition, recorded with the metronome set at quarter = 100
  • Choice of 3 excerpts from group 1
  • Choice of 2 excerpts from group 2

Again, don’t worry about tempo as much as being 100% accurate.  The idea is to have progress, not perfection.  When selecting your excerpts this week, remember that the goal is to have all the technique work done by the end of week 7.  Feel free to repeat excerpts from last week, or choose a different set.  Its all about what you need to work on, while giving space to those that don’t need as much work.  With that, these are the excerpts I’m going to work on this week:

  • Dahl Sinfonietta
  • Borodin Polovetsian Dances
  • Bach duet
  • Gounoud Ballet from Faust
  • Mozart Serenade (first excerpt only)

As you can see, some repeats, some new ones.

I have a really busy week coming up, but I’m hoping to make enough time for practicing that I can feel like I actually accomplished something.

Have a great week!  See you Friday!




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