audition challenge clarinet

Week 13 video

Okay, okay, I know I’m a day late.  But it was either sit and work on uploading my video last night, or spend time with my family.  I chose the latter.  I knew I would have a little time this morning (Saturday) to do it anyway.  So here it is!  Week 12 video assignment!

Sorry about my appearance, I went for a hike with my co workers yesterday morning and didn’t have a chance to shower or anything.  But this isn’t about how I look anyway!  I also had to use earbuds for the drone, otherwise I couldn’t get it loud enough to hear it effectively.  Which make it so you cannot hear it on the video, but trust me, it was there!

I feel like I’m getting increasingly comfortable playing for the camera, and I’m hoping that will translate to playing for people in an audition setting.  I’m also getting better at the first take, one take rule that I have established for the entire challenge.  Not allowing myself that second chance is really helping me be my best the first time around.

Week 11 assignment:

I had posted a preview of the week 11’s assignment last week, but here it is again:

  • Mozart Concerto: measure 100 through the fermata, slightly under tempo.
  • Holst Hammersmith: no faster than quarter = 80
  • Mozart Serenade, 3rd excerpt: half tempo (ish)
  • Grainger Lincolnshire posy: no faster than quarter = 60

I have decided to repeat the fundamentals from week 12 this week as well, but on A clarinet.  We have to be in tune on both instruments!  And if you’re like me and many others, our A clarinets don’t play the same as our Bb’s.  All the more reason to play our fundamentals on both horns.  I failed to mention this before, but I actually rotate playing my fundamentals routine on four different horns!  Lets see, I have my personal Bb, my A clarinet, my Navy Bb clarinet, and I switch between my greenline Navy Bb and my Eb clarinet.  It may seem crazy, but it allows me to know the intonation and tendencies of all the different horns that I play!  But I digress…

I will try to post my video of week 11 by Friday, September 2.  (give or take a day)  I’m still in denial that its almost September.

Happy practicing!

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