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Great post

Here’s a great post from James Zimmerman and the Clarinet Jobs blog regarding taped rounds for auditions.

It brings up a lot of interesting points…even though I’m not really in the audition scene anymore, it would have possibly saved me quite a bit of time and money if many of the organizations I auditioned for had a taped prelim round.  My West Virginia Symphony audition is a great example of that, or even my Youngstown Symphony audition is also a good example.  Although I didn’t spend that much money on these auditions (I can be a VERY frugal traveler), I did spend a lot of time driving (I drove OVERNIGHT from Rochester to Charleston for the WV Symphony audition).  And both auditions ended up being very frustrating and pretty much not worth the effort.  If they had done a taped round first and I was accepted to come to the audition, it probably would have been more worth my while.  I probably would have been more prepared too!

Now for something completely different…here’s me rehearsing with my WWQ on Halloween!  Enjoy.


Have a great day everyone!


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