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Back to the grind!

As you can probably imagine because of my lack of blog posts, I have been insanely busy this summer.  So a vacation was exactly what I needed.  After spending  two weeks in Colorado, I have been thrown back into reality and I am back to work…plus I’m starting a new teaching gig at a high school this week.  Oyyyyy!  So.  Busy.

The last two weeks were absolutely wonderful, relaxing, and made me want to move back to Colorado SO BADLY!  I miss the people, the weather, and my family and friends.  This month marks six years since we moved away, its crazy!  All Ben and I could talk about the last couple days we were in Colorado was how/when we were going to move back!  Now that I’m back in Virginia, I’m a little bit more grounded in reality, but the desire to go back is still there.  Obviously I would have to get out of the Navy (still waiting for them to establish “Navy Band Denver”, LOL) in order to do this, but I’ve been having the urge to go back to school.  I really love teaching, but often I feel like I’m “winging it”, and not really knowing what I’m doing.  What a great way to become a pedagogue than to get my DMA!  I am thinking that I would like to eventually make pedagogy more the focus of my career.  I think I’m better at it than the performance aspect.  AND I really feel like I get much more out of teaching than performing.  I think I would try to go to CU-Boulder (its a respectable music school, and its close to home!) for this.  And Ben would get a job at one of the many budding distilleries or breweries in the area.  Not that I have thought about it or anything…ha.

Anyways, even if I was completely sure about doing that, I am still going to be employed by the Navy through May of 2016 whether I like it or not.  So I need to focus on that for now.  Right now we’re in the middle of our summer concert series with the wind ensemble, which has been fun.  We’re playing some pretty challenging stuff, and I’m playing first clarinet so I’ve been practicing a lot for that.  This past week was our first week back and we had concerts both Tuesday and Wednesday!  So before I went on leave, I decided that I should probably bring my clarinets with me to practice while I was in Colorado.  So I did…but I only picked it up a couple times.  Enough to keep some endurance, I guess.  But the two concerts were still pretty rough around the edges for me, especially towards the end.  Especially after a full day of rehearsals on Monday.  Oh well.  Next concert is not for a couple weeks, thank goodness.

This week also marked the official start of an instructor job I accepted a few months back.  Its for a high school marching band in Virginia Beach.  Before you judge, these kids are amazing!  They work so hard, and they care so much about getting it right, I love it!  Basically, I’m going to be in charge of running the sectionals for the woodwinds.  It also means I’m going to be super busy till November!  Anytime I’m not doing stuff for the Navy, I’ll be over at the high school doing stuff for them!

I also got a freakin’ amazing evaluation this year at the band.  Basically, it means I actually have a chance at getting promoted to E5 the next two promotion cycles.  So in addition to all the crap I’m doing, I’ve gotta study like crazy for the advancement test.  My goal is to score 5 or more points higher than I have before…much easier said than done!

Icing on the cake would be if the Navy Band (DC) posted an opening for clarinet.  My brain might explode then, haha.

Completely unrelated…I got the recording back from the chamber recital I performed in back in June.  Its up on the “audio” section, check it out!

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