Big project finished!

A few months ago, I decided to start on a project to consolidate all my various band audition packets into one volume of excerpts that I can practice from. After much work, I have finally finished it!  I have yet to print it out, but its all set to go in PDF form!

It was a lot of work to go through all the excerpts I have in my possession and remove the repeats and put into some sort of organizational order.  I ended up using microsoft excel A LOT, and it was a little frustrating scanning all the ones I didn’t have digital copies of.  (Most of them were on my old laptop, in which the battery is dead, and I cannot find the charger anywhere!)

But now I have an organized book of excerpts to practice from.  Its my goal to make it into the one of the Navy’s premiere bands, and this is the way to start!

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