Flexibility is essential

So I’m officially on my summer vacation!  No clarinet, no Navy for two whole weeks.  Yesssssss!  It feels great to be able to take so much time off to reset.  Things have been really crazy the past couple months or so, I needed this respite.  Anyways, the subject of this blog is about my last day before vacation (yesterday).  I’ve developed somewhat of a good reputation at the band as being really on top of my game playing-wise.  Which is great!  But that also means that the leadership thinks you can do anything.  So on Thursday, I was asked to be on stand-by to fill in for the clarinetist for their gig on Friday because of illness.  I’m not in the woodwind quintet, but I was for a couple months earlier this year while the oboe player was on maternity leave.  So that meant I played the oboe part on a C clarinet.  I played the OBOE part.  So that meant I  might have to sight read at the gig, although I knew how most of the music went.  Turned out the clarinetist went to medical and was given an SIQ chit (meant that she was not allowed to be at work!) so I was up.  I had read through the ceremony book on Thursday afternoon just in case, so I wouldn’t be completely sight reading.  We didn’t even get a chance to have any sort of rehearsal because the rest of the members of the quintet were on leave until yesterday, and we all had a ceremonial band gig in the morning!  It was a pretty scary experience, but I think it went OK.  There was only one minor mess up, where I got a little lost in the “road map” of a march and dropped out for a couple measures.  Oops!  But it was an honest mistake, and in my defense the part was really hard!

So, the one full day of work that I had during the last two weeks (while half the band has been gone on leave) is my last day before I get to go on leave.  Grrrr!  Oh well, as soon as I got home yesterday I cracked open a cold one and relaxed!  Ben and I leave for Colorado on Monday for one week of thin and dry air, and lots of family and friends.  Very much looking forward to it!

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