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Long time no see, excerpts…

This week I whipped out my Hadcock book for the first time in…I don’t even know because its been that long! I have an opportunity to play for the principal clarinetist of the Virginia Symphony at the end of the month to possibly get on the sub list, so I need to brush up on my repertoire! Here’s the list of excerpts I’m going to prepare:

Beethoven symphonies 6 & 8
Brahms 3, 2nd mvt
Kodaly Dances of Galanta
Mendelssohn Scherzo
RK Capriccio Espagnol
RK Scheherezade
Stravinsky, Variation of the Firebird (gulp)

Oh yes, and I’m also planning on working up the Mozart Exposition. I feel like this is a good mix of excerpts that can showcase my strengths, and I don’t completely hate them (*cough Daphnis cough*). As I played through these, I was surprised at myself how good they sounded considering some I haven’t played in a few years! Just goes to show that having a good fundamentals routine that I play every day is really helping! I used to have trouble with the tonguing in the A clarinet Capriccio excerpt…I played through it at 126 and it was easy! Score one for daily routines!

Oh yes, and I whipped out my Eefer the other day. I want to incorporate it into my weekly practice schedule and get familiar with it again. Especially now that I’m no longer committed to playing C clarinet in the woodwind quintet (the oboist that I was subbing for returned from her maternity leave), I can replace my “C clarinet days” with “Eb clarinet days”. Lets see how long it takes before I rip my hair out.

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