Last week vs. this week

Yeah! Clarinet rocks!

Not sure what happened between last week and this week, but I am so not motivated.  Last week, I got back from DC, I had this crazy, unexplainable drive to get better at clarinet, and I was even back in the practice room 2 days after the audition.  I had a good few days of nice, solid practice.  It was great!

This week has been a different story.  For some reason, I haven’t been motivated to do anything!  I just want to lay around and take a nap.  And its not just with practicing clarinet – I’m feeling it in all aspects of my life.  I think its the weather and the lack of sunshine/warmness.  Or something like that.  I tried to practice Monday and Tuesday of this week, but ultimately didn’t enjoy any minute of it, either day.  I managed to get in an hour yesterday of reed working, but that was it.  Today, I ask myself, why am I stressing about this?  I don’t have anything to prepare for, and whatever endurance I maintain/obtain in the next three months is going to go completely out the window in May when I am forced to go without my instrument for two months during boot camp.  That is the longest I will have ever gone without playing, EVER!  (well besides my pre-clarinet days)  The longest so far is just a month during the weeks before and after my wedding.

So my logic is, if I don’t have anything to practice for, why even bother forcing myself to practice when I so clearly do not want to?  So this is how its going to be: I’m only going to practice when I feel like it.  I have already passed my audition, and I’m sure everyone totally sucks when they get to the music school.  What more do I need to do?  Right now I need to focus on getting ready for the Navy and boot camp.  Oh and I also set a goal of doing a half marathon before I go.  Yeah, I’m crazy, but whatever.

Anyway, on that note, I’m going to go be lazy and play video games for the rest of the night.  Peace out!

One reply on “Last week vs. this week”

Sometimes a break is the best thing possible for your playing!! And besides…forcing yourself to practice when you are dreading it is maybe the fastest way to burnout!!! And one of the main reasons I didn't go on with clarinet was that I absolutely hate how guilty I would feel when I was not practicing!!

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