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I have decided to post my arrangement of Debussy’s Syrinx that I performed at my recital last month.  And don’t worry, the original composition is in the public domain!  (I checked)  People seemed to love it, and a couple people told me that they would be interested in playing it themselves!  So here you go:

Claude Debussy – Syrinx (A Clarinet)*

I tried to go through it and make sure there were no errors, but I’m sure there still is!  Please let me know if you find a typo.  Also, my only request is that if you play it, please send me a recording!  I want to hear how other people interpret the piece.
If you are interested in comparing the score, here is the link to the original score on IMSLP (I am linking to it, but please be aware of the copyright restrictions in the United States!!):

Claude Debussy – Syrinx (Flute)

And there are tons of videos of this work (played on flute) on youtube, so if you want to hear how it sounds you can check it out. The clarinet version doesn’t really sound like the flute version, and I don’t recommend trying to make it sound like it.  While I was arranging the piece, I began by trying to match the sound of the clarinet to the sound of the flute.  But I quickly realized that was going to be an impossible feat – I would actually recommend making it sound as opposite to the flute version as possible.  The result is an extremely dark and beautiful piece – I would describe it as a “shadow” of the flute version.  I hope to have a recording of myself playing this at my recital posted in the media gallery soon!

And if you are wondering what the heck “syrinx” is or means, here is the Wikipedia article, which actually mentions the piece by Debussy.

Anyway, enjoy and I hope to hear some different takes on this awesome piece.

*I took the link down because although it is in the public domain in Canada and many other places in the world, it is not PD in the United States.

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