Plans for the future

Each day I feel more accepting of how long I have to wait for my new job.  I suppose that is a good thing, right?  Although I still feel somewhat crappy about it, but I’m coming to terms that it is what it is.  
I emailed my main contact over at the Navy Music office to let her know what happened and to see if they had any pull to get the date changed.  Unfortunately, they don’t, but I found out a little more about what’s going on.  Basically, I’m not the only MU who got the short end of the stick, which made me feel a little bit better.  But I found out that I had another strike against me – I’m female.  Apparently, they’ve hired *too many* females over the last year and there are only so many female MU spots (I guess it makes a difference…or something), so basically us ladies got screwed (apparently I’m not the only girl who has requested an earlier date!)
This has also completely screwed up my husband’s plans.  He was hoping to move out to CA  while I was in boot camp/”A” school to study with the tuba teacher at UCLA – which will give him a better chance of getting into the DMA program there in the fall, and also he’ll have CA residency so he will only have to pay in-state tuition.  But now things are different – he’s going to talk to the teacher to see if something can be done where he can learn his teaching style while still living in NY (at least until May).  We have decided that a move to CA before I go to BT could be an option, but only if we both have jobs and have the cash to move our crap across the country (probably a couple grand….yikes!!).  So no more spending for the both of us!  We need to save as much money as possible.
But in the meantime, I am planning on going forward with a recital in CO.  My AWESOME sister is trying to get people to donate funds to help me with a plane ticket and other expenses, since I really cannot afford it right now.  Here is the link to her facebook note if you are interested:
I literally started to cry when I saw what she was doing for me!  I did not ask her to do this, and I am so grateful that she is committed to helping me play for all my friends in CO!  Most people haven’t heard me play for almost 5 years…I want to show them the mad skeellz I’ve acquired since then.  It will probably take place sometime between October 21-24, but we have yet to find a venue (hoping for Magnolia Music Studio in Fort Collins) and I need a pianist!  Right now the program will go something like this (in no particular order): Muczinski Time Pieces, Finzi Five Bagatelles, a wind duo of some sort (either Beethoven clarinet/bassoon or Poulenc Bb/A clarinet – depending on who I can get to play with me!), and an Eb piece (still thinking about that one…).  I have a little over a month to prepare so I’d better get crackin!  

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