moving fast!

So since I have passed my audition for the Navy, things are moving really fast. Apparently, lots happened over the weekend because I got a call pretty much first thing on Monday from the Navy Music office. They said I will be going for my physical this weekend, and possibly even sign my contract for enlistment as a musician! Holy cow that was fast. And the funny part was the person who called me yesterday morning addressed me as simply “Herrera”. Well I guess I should be getting used to that!!

I hope that everything goes well this weekend and I can sign my enlistment. It will be nice to know when I will be going to boot camp, even though it is going to probably be far off, at least a couple months away. Ideally, I want to get this basic training thing over with, but I would like to have a couple months to one – get physically ready, and two – cut ties with my current employer without making them hate me. I want to give them at least a month or two of notice, but I don’t feel comfortable announcing that I’m leaving until I have an exact date that I will be shipping out. I’m just so excited and nervous now! I can’t believe that it’s actually happening. My feelings are mixed about the whole thing. I’m super duper excited that I’ll be a full time musician again (actually getting paid for it this time!), but at the same time I’m scared to death about the fact that I’ll be enlisting in the military.

In other news, I haven’t really played since the audition. I’m taking a break for a few days, and I’ve been getting things taken care of that I had been neglecting over the last couple weeks. I am starting to feel the itch again though already. I was thinking of focusing on Eb for awhile, since I’ve been really neglecting it for the past few years. Also I was thinking about doing a small recital in CO before I left for the Navy. I’m not sure yet though, I have to be able to afford a plane ticket to CO and also a pianist, unless I can find someone who will do it for free…doubtful. We will see what I decide.

So…that’s it for now. I’ll update more soon!

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