Well since its been over two months since I posted anything, I figured I probably should updatefor the few who may read this. Its been a busy couple months, both with non-clarinet related activities and clarinet related ones.

I have been in full force pursuing this Navy opportunity, and my audition is coming up very soon…like this week! I’ve met with the recruiter and gotten the paperwork process started. One thing’s for sure – its going to be a pain! Once I pass my audition (cross your fingers!), I will have to go for a full physical and testing at a facility in Buffalo. Once that is over, hopefully we can get everything cleared and get a date to go to boot camp, which may not be for awhile. But if I can go sooner, the better! I want to get that part over with! The hardest part of this whole thing will be those two months. After boot camp, I will have to go to the Armed Forces Music School in Virginia for 6 months (!) That’s a long time. And especially because I could probably teach a lot of the classes I’ll have to take. I’m not trying to be braggy or conceited, but I do have a Masters degree from Eastman…I’m hoping I can test out…..maybe?? Not sure if that’s a possibility yet. Regardless, I’ll have to go for some length of time. The Masters degree is not all for nothing though – I qualify for the maximum starting pay grade, E-3, which will be nice (much more than I’m making now!). After that – hopefully I will be assigned to the Southwest Navy Band in San Diego! (cross your fingers with that too!!)
So after all is said and done, it may be almost a year before I get out to a band. I’m ok with that, because I will be playing my clarinet and getting paid for it, which is a whole lot better that what I’m doing now. I consider myself lucky to have the good job I have, but I have to remind myself that I don’t want to be a secretary, I want to be a clarinetist!!
I’m going to try to update more often, even if it is only a little bit. Promise!!

One reply on “update…again”

I'll definitely be sending good thoughts/crossing my fingers! That all sounds amazing for you…a little patience and you will get exactly what you want!! You deserve it fo sho 🙂 Miss ya!

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