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Practice tool

I wanted to write a post about a new practice tool that I’ve really come to love…my iPhone.  There are several apps that I’ve been using lately to help with my practicing (some have actually replaced other things that I don’t need to lug around anymore), and to make practicing more fun.  Its pretty amazing […]

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Summer season

Well, summer is upon us.  Here in Virginia, it is uncomfortably hot.  I was always used to Colorado summers, hot, but DRY!  Here it is the same temps (80s & 90s) but there is so much humidity to go along with it!  I’ve been going out on runs before work (6am) and it still feels […]

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Finally being taken seriously!

Wow this week has been busy! I feel like I’m back in school…well, minus the homework. I started rehearsals again with the Virginia Wind Symphony, had craziness and gigs galore at work, and to top it all off I had my audition with the principal clarinetist of the Virginia Symphony, Patti Carlson. The highlight of […]

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Pathway to normalcy

Wow I can’t believe its been almost a month since my last blog post!  Time has been absolutely flying by.  I’ve been so busy this month, I’ve hardly had time to do anything!  The best thing that’s happened since the last time I wrote was that Ben moved here to Norfolk and I moved off […]

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German system…oh my!

Ok, so yeah. I have barely touched my clarinets since my last post. I’ve gotten a real bad case of the lazies the past couple weeks. Probably the only productive thing I’ve done in the last two weeks is go to the gym!  Oh and I’ve been playing Mario Bros Wii. Man, that game is […]

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I have decided to post my arrangement of Debussy’s Syrinx that I performed at my recital last month.  And don’t worry, the original composition is in the public domain!  (I checked)  People seemed to love it, and a couple people told me that they would be interested in playing it themselves!  So here you go: […]

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So instead of practicing this week, I have filled my evenings with updating my blog site!  I have gotten my own domain, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now.  So now my blog is at!  Woo so exciting!  I have also posted my resume, and I figured out how to […]

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Trip to Colorado and recital

Wow!  The last week has gone by in a flash!  I had such a great time in Colorado, I really didn’t want to come back!  Actually, if my husband wasn’t still in NY I probably would have stayed!   I arrived in Denver after a very smooth trip; the only delay was in Rochester because […]

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I got a job!!

I did it! I finally have a clarinet job! Its not what I had planned or had anticipated. I had always envisioned myself playing in an orchestra or a D.C. band (or the Coast Guard band!!). But over the course of the last year, I have discovered that it doesn’t matter who I’m playing for […]

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Youngstown symphony

Last night I auditioned for the Youngstown Symphony in Ohio. It was an interesting experience, mostly because I found out what happens when an orchestra does not plan its audition days very well. Yesterday they not only auditioned for 2nd clarinet, but they auditioned for violin, viola, bassoon and oboe/english horn. I’m sorry, but if […]